Solar PV System

Solar PV System

Net Energy Metering (NEM) 3.0

NEM mechanism enables you to use solar energy that you produced for your own consumption and also export all excess energy generated TNB grid. This excess energy will turn into credit that may be used to offset part of your electricity bill.

The NEM 3.0 program will be available from 2021 till 2023 with a quota of 500MW allocated. During NEM 3.0, three new main initiatives will be introduced to further boost the uptake of solar adoption. Also introduced among these three initiatives is “virtual NEM” – allowing the commercial and industrial sectors to distribute solar power.

The three main initiatives are:-

• NEM Rakyat
• NEM GoMEn (Government Ministries and Entities)
• NOVA (Net Offset Virtual Aggregation)

Self-Consumption (SELCO)

SELCO applies when electricity is being generated for own usage and any excess is not allowed to be exported to the grid.

The Government is encouraging individual, commercial and industrial consumers to install solar PV for their own consumption, looking to hedge against the rising cost of electricity.

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