EV Charging Stations & Investment.

EV Charging Stations & Investment.

Eragene ICT Sdn Bhd Pioneers Green Innovation with the Launch of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Stations Kuala Lumpur, 04 April 2024  — Eragene ICT Sdn Bhd, a leading technology and innovation company, takes a giant leap towards a sustainable future with the inauguration of its Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Stations across Malaysia. The initiative is […]

Installation SolarMadani House Package

Installation SolarMadani Home Package #102 To Supply & Install SOLAR PANELS PV, INVERTERS with 6.54kWP at Seksyen 35, Alam Impian, Selangor. Solar Panel: Haitai Taiji 550W Inverter: Huawei Inverter Payment type: Installment, with Zero Interest 0%

Installation Solar LED Lighting in UPM

Eragene ICT Sdn Bhd (ERA) sponsors a solar light to Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) for research purposes related to solar lighting, it could be a positive and beneficial collaboration. Such partnerships between private entities and academic institutions can contribute to advancements in technology, sustainability, and energy efficiency. Installation site Previous Next

Industrial Talk 6.0 by UPM

Thank you for your great support in this and the first time we have worked with UPM – Industrial Talk 6.0. With this email, I would like to share with you that we have once again been invited and proposed by UPM to celebrate the arrival of UPM Silver Jubilee 50-years in mid-February, and we […]

ERAGENE and AW sign MoU for collaboration in developing EV charging station network.

ERAGENE and AW sign MoU for collaboration in developing EV charging station network The electrification of Malaysian motoring is progressing as the government and private sector are taking more initiatives to facilitate the use of electric vehicles (EVs). This is necessary to meet Malaysia’s Low Carbon Mobility Development Plan 2021-2030 to reduce greenhouse gas up […]

Driving Sustainability Forward: ERAGENE’s Solar Carport Initiative

Driving Sustainability Forward: ERAGENE’s Solar Carport Initiative In the pursuit of a greener and more sustainable future, ERAGENE is proud to introduce our latest innovation — the Solar Carport. This cutting-edge initiative is designed to not only reduce carbon emissions but also enhance power efficiency, marking a significant step towards a cleaner and more environmentally […]

SMECorp Certificate

SMECorp Certificate We finally applied for the SME Certificate from SMECorp, which proves that all our efforts over the past few years have been in vain. We are about to launch more new green and carbon-reducing products, such as smart flood rescue poles, especially specially designed for use in flood-stricken areas, and smart EV poles […]

MoU signing between ERAGENE and BESC

ERAGENE is honored to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with EPC Blockchain Sdn Bhd to raise awareness on BESC’s Net Zero Energy Kick-Start Programme within Malaysian businesses. This MoU is an initiation for both parties to work together on a common objective of achieving net zero initiatives among industry.  ERAGENE は、マレーシア企業内で BESC のネット ゼロ エネルギー キックスタート […]

Economy Minister wants Malaysians to lease their rooftops for solar panels and gain income

Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli is proposing new economic incentives that would not only encourage renewable energy growth but also allow citizens to generate income. One of which is by letting Malaysians lease their rooftops for solar panels. In his speech during the launch of the National Energy Transition Roadmap (NETR) Phase 1 today, Rafizi said that one of the ways to […]

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