ERAGENE and AW sign MoU for collaboration in developing EV charging station network.

ERAGENE and AW sign MoU for collaboration in developing EV charging station network

The electrification of Malaysian motoring is progressing as the government and private sector are taking more initiatives to facilitate the use of electric vehicles (EVs). This is necessary to meet Malaysia’s Low Carbon Mobility Development Plan 2021-2030 to reduce greenhouse gas up to 45% by 2030, and to qualify as a carbon-neutral country by 2050.

One of the issues that those thinking of buying EVs is recharging the battery packs of their vehicles. Depending on the model and how they drive, the range on a full charge can be between 250 and 400 kms. So long-distance driving will only be possible if they are assured of place to recharge along the way, if needed.

As the sale of EVs and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) which also need recharging has only started in recent years, the network of charging stations has been small, mostly confined to urban areas. At the moment, there are only 500+ stations in the country (compared to 3,700 petrol stations) but efforts are being made to grow this number quickly.
Eragene, a leader in sustainable energy solutions, and AW, a prominent player in cutting-edge technology, proudly announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to forge a collaborative partnership in the development of an extensive Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station network in Malaysia.
This collaboration will see EV charging stations being set up at selected strategic Malls, Government management buildings and Petrol Stations owner. Through ERA’s role as an enabler, AW is the first concessionaire to embark on a network of EV charging stations along its infrastructure. The availability of charging stations is expected to attract not only new users of EVs but also transport operators, especially multinational companies planning to switch their fleets from using vehicles with internal combustion engines to electrically powered vehicles, in an effort to reduce carbon emissions while saving on operational costs.

According to Eragene Managing Director, Mr. Sam Ho says, the company is happy to work with other Micro-SME partners, and so far, there are already 5 local micro-companies partners willing to join the green industry, and more are expected to join soon. 

“This move to further increase the network of charging stations will facilitate a smoother, safer and more comfortable journey for EV customers on any highway, hotel, mall and even government sector,” he said, adding that the charging stations are expected to attract not only new users of EVs, but also transport operators, especially multinationals planning to switch their fleets from vehicles powered by internal combustion engines to EVs. Efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

“Eragene will provide a reliable and stable supply of electricity to the agreed EV charging ecosystem. In addition, AW is also willing to provide solutions to the Malaysian government’s micro or small and medium-sized businesses that can optimize the cost of electricity and support green and sustainable energy to reduce carbon emissions,” said Mr. Sam Ho, Eragene Managing Director.

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