Economy Minister wants Malaysians to lease their rooftops for solar panels and gain income

Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli is proposing new economic incentives that would not only encourage renewable energy growth but also allow citizens to generate income. One of which is by letting Malaysians lease their rooftops for solar panels.

In his speech during the launch of the National Energy Transition Roadmap (NETR) Phase 1 today, Rafizi said that one of the ways to incentivise renewable energy is by installing solar panels on rooftops. However, a household in Malaysia needs to spend around RM20,000 to e able to do so, which makes the process difficult.

Hence, the Economy Minister suggested that the model be reversed. Rather than asking households to fork out to install solar panels, the government may offer them the opportunity to gain income by leasing their rooftops to put solar panels. 

This would allow Malaysians to lessen their electricity bill and may also gain extra income from the lease. This proposal has been undertaken by Sime Darby Property which would install solar panels at 450 houses in Elmina and Bandar Bukit Raja.

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