Use AIoT to Keep Your Building COVID-Zero

Use AIoT to Keep Your Building COVID-Zero

The pandemic has encouraged business leaders to recover through digitalization, as it has been proven to help them to make better business decisions. With digitalization identified as an essential and the availability of PEMERKASA, there has been a rise in market demand for solutions that obtain real-time data, automated data reports, and data collection, as well as long-term savings. However, this is a struggle as business owners undergo a tedious process, cost issues, as well as lack of scale and talent.

In order to help businesses, address safety concerns and move into the future, protect your business from COVID-19 this FMCO by using a smart purifier at an extra 20% with vaccine registration. With this purifier, your business can stay safe while enjoying RM0 maintenance fees for 3 years, an easy HVAC system integration in addition to a 1-year warranty, and accessing performance data anywhere, anytime. 

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